Rules for In-Person Services

The “I will”s for Regathering at St. Annes:
For us to regather safely, everyone must be 100% committed to the following:

  1. I will stay home if I’m feeling sick, if I’ve been in contact with anyone with Covid recently, if I’ve recently tested positive, or if my health is compromised.
  2. I will wear a mask the entire time I am on the Labyrinth or in the church (ages 4 and up)
  3. I will have my temperature taken (forehead scan) once I arrive at church.  I will go home if it is too high.
  4. I will use hand sanitizer once I arrive at church (contactless hand sanitizer stations will be available), and after I use the restroom.
  5. I will sit 6 feet apart from other parishioners, unless they are part of my family unit.
  6. I will print out the bulletin at home and bring it with me, or bring my tablet/phone to utilize the bulletin electronically.  (No bulletins will be provided).
  7. At all times I will refrain from hugging and touching others who are not in my family unit.  During the Peace, I will indicate my good wishes to them with some form of non-contact:  smiling with my eyes and placing my hand over my heart, blow them an air kiss thru my mask, etc.
  8. I will continue to mail in my pledge, or donate online (PayPal on the front page of our website.  No collection during the service).

For the time being, all services will be outside, on the Labyrinth.  Chairs will be placed six feet apart and will be sanitized both before and after the service.  The restroom will be available.  We will be continuously sanitizing the restrooms with UV lights.  No choir and no singing due to the potential spray of virus germs.  No group gatherings before or after church.

Let us regather with love and safety!