Rector’s Reflections

It’s hard to believe Gwyn and I are less than a week away from heading to GA! Now that she’s really, truly, and in all other possible ways, DONE with her B.A. in Philosophy, we’re ready to part–…sit around and do very little. (At least that’s what we keep telling ourselves we’ll be doing.)

In case you didn’t catch it, we’ll be doing services online only for Sunday Aug. 7th and 14th. We continue to strive to find ways to be the best stewards of our budget, and cutting down on supply clergy costs are a very easy way to accomplish this. But don’t worry, you’ll still get a thought-provoking sermon and a grounding experience, even if it’s not our normal in-person format. That said, if people want to meet at church and experience the service together, far be it for me to prevent that!

You’ll get some fun messages for the 2 weeks I’m away in this blurb section, and I look forward to the opportunities when I return as we begin new programs! The benefit show on Aug. 27th is gonna bring a whole new experience to the Episcopal Church, the New Testament class will start in September, we’ll have our first liturgical committee meeting Sept. 10th, and there will be new outreach initiatives to build around. The next couple weeks will be a great time to relax and then bring your passions, your friends, and yourselves to church for what is going to be an amazing fall! 

Rev. Jeff