Rector’s Reflections

Stepping Into Fall!

      It’s hard to believe it, but the Fall is upon us! Time to go back to school, begin cooler weather, and crank up the program year here at St. Anne’s. It’s gonna be a great fall. There are several things to look forward to that will be new this year:

1. A New Liturgy:
Ever wondered why we use the orders of service we do in the church? Ever wanted to have a deeper conversation than just a sermon on the readings each week? Ever wanted to have more room to try on spiritual exercises during church? We’re using a new Eucharistic Liturgy called the Dialogue Rite (guess where it came from) for the rest of the season after Pentecost. The aim is to get us to think more about what we do together, what it teaches us about our relationship to God and each other, and be more educated about it all. Even if you find it’s not your cup of tea, I hope by the end of it you’ll have a deeper engagement all around with the ancient structures we use in our worship.

2. St. Anne’s Youth:
We are blessed to have the Fremont Youth Group that joins our tweens and teens with St. James’, and we will continue to pursue this vital connection. There is also interest in having a chance to gather our younger members to build better connections here, and I think the both/and of this is a great thing. We’ll be meeting the First Sunday of every month from 3pm-5pm starting in October. The first session will be an opportunity for youth to bring what is of interest to them to help plan the activities we do together.

3. Fall Forum, Rediscovering Evangelism:
Right after church 11:30am-1pm, Sept 15 – Oct 13, we will have a class that will address one of the least-liked, uncomfortable topics for Episcopalians. That said, the way we usually understand the word is NOT what it means. I invite you to come and see how the concept is actually something we already practice every time we share our story to others!

5. Fall Cleanup Day:
Saturday Oct. 5th, 9am-2pm. We’ll focus on the perimeter of the campus this time! Then we can brainstorm what we want to do moving forward with our property.

I am thrilled to be part of all this with you, and I am excited to see what God has in store for us this fall at St. Anne’s!

We’ll consult the book Transforming Evangelism by David Gortner. I invite you to come check it out!

Blessings to you,
Rev. Jeff