Rector’s Reflections

Sunday was a powerful and rather sobering discussion. The old saying, “You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone,” is a cautionary tale that asking such a difficult question as “What would you do if St. Anne’s went away?” has the ability to prevent. I also am profoundly convinced that God is completely still at work in this parish, and the vitality we hold is something that cannot be undone. The ferocity of your love of each other and this place, the recognition of the unique gift and charism that we have as a body, and the fact that even if (God forbid!) someday the official parish were to close you’d still gather together: that’s proof that we remain the little church that could!

This Sunday culminates our journey together through Stewardship as Discipleship as we celebrate Ingathering Sunday. The sacred act of bringing your offered gifts that are what make the community is a powerful moment in our lives together. My hope is that this series of discussions has broadened your understanding of Stewardship, Discipleship, Community, and Grace. 

This Sunday, bring your pledges and your takeaways from our discussions and share them with our beloved community, as we step into the new church year poised for the possibilities that God is bringing as we roll our stones away and make room for the unexpected–even implausible–that our faithing, mixed with God’s grace, can bring about in our midst. Let us begin to prepare ourselves for the Incarnation so soon around the corner: the gift of God With Us, “who can accomplish more than any of us can ask or imagine.”

Rev. Jeff Dodge