Rector’s Reflections

I was elated with the storysharing we had Sunday at church as we kick off this year’s stewardship campaign. I hope that meditating on discipleship was an invigorating discussion and thought-provoking journey for you. This week we’re taking the exploration deeper, and I want to make sure that you have a chance to do so. The question we’re exploring this Sunday is “What is your lived experience of God?”            

That question deserves some exploration, especially as it’s a question that doesn’t often get asked so directly in our denomination. It’s an incredibly personal and subjective question, which means there’s no right or wrong answer, just your experience. What are the circumstances where you most experience God? In what circumstances do you least experience God? What do these experiences do in your life and your relationship with God? When was the last time you thought about your experience of God?             

If you can, please take some time this week to ponder this question and the followup questions I just asked as well. If possible, take more than one occasion to do this pondering, as you’ll find increasingly in-depth thoughts bubbling to the surface. Think of it as marinade, not glaze. I eagerly look forward to our exploration of our lived experiences of God together Sunday!

Rev. Jeff Dodge