Rector’s Reflections

Thoughts on Holy Week:

Holy Week. “You mean Easter, right?” Nope. Easter is the outcome. We can’t fully appreciate the Resurrection if we don’t first undergo the despair of the disciples at the cross and in the upper room, or the sadness and fear of the women at the empty tomb. Only then, do we get to experience the miraculous joy at the appearance of the resurrected One whom Death could not hold, reminding us that our lives are in God and therefore eternal! Take the challenge this year! Commit to coming to all the services to experience through journey the last week of the life of Jesus, whom we call Christ. Here are some trailers to give you a sense of what you’ll experience:

Palm Sunday: April 14th, 10 a.m.
This is where we experience the painfully hopeful expectation that God’s Anointed will deliver us from oppression at the hands of ruthless empires. As Caesar’s representative rides into Jerusalem on a horse, signifying military conquest, Jesus enters on a donkey, hearkening back to Zechariah, signifying the king entering the city in peace. This day we welcome the return of the king, and we allow ourselves to hope for God’s kingdom to be restored.

Maundy Thursday: April 18th, 7 p.m.
This is one of the most beautiful and intimate liturgies in our tradition. Maundy meaning “foot washing,” this service explores the last positive experience Jesus has with his disciples before his trial, and the occasion for the Eucharist, our principal feast and one of our 2 main sacraments. Find out why Jesus took on the role of a slave for his disciples, and understand what it means to let someone wash your bare feet. Is it comfortable? No. Is it life-changing and worth it? Yes! Share with us in a full meal for the service as well.

Good Friday: April 19th, 12 p.m. Stations of the Cross; 7 p.m. Service
A paradox of a name, in this f(e)ast we walk with Jesus to his death. Also, we walk with his disciples as we watch their hopes violently dashed on the cross, the form of execution for treason against Rome. We also give thanks that, through this crucifixion, Jesus suffers the evil in humanity and still says yes to the love of God, imparting the gift of unconditional love to the world. 

Easter Sunday: April 21st, 10 a.m.
Just as it seems we lost all hope, just as corruption and violent power seem to win out again, we experience with the women at the empty tomb the proclamation that Jesus has risen from the Dead, trampling Death by death, and has brought to us that same grace! Jesus gives us a hope greater than we ever thought to look for, and reminds us that Death will never have the last say. Love is the greatest power, and we are the proof of that eternal life that is found in Love, as we build our community based on that Love.

Imagine what it is like to enact–to live-into–the story of Jesus! That’s Holy Week! So if you are able, do join us for this holy experience.

– Rev. Jeff Dodge