Adult Christian Formation

If you’re interested in becoming a member of the Episcopal Church, or you’re simply interested in a detailed exploration of our Spirituality, join us on Zoom here for the Catechumenate! It’s a new members class led by Rev. Jeff. It’s 19th sessions, Monday evenings at 7 p.m. beginning Oct. 2nd through Dec. 11th, then resuming Jan 22, finishing March 18th, just in time to prepare for Holy Week. We’ll explore sacred texts, history, anglicanism, and liturgy.

Annual Women’s Retreat

In the tranquil setting of The Bishop’s Ranch in Sonoma County, the women of St. Anne’s explore our personal and communal ways of connecting with our inner personalities and those who have influenced us. Sharing of story, prayer, meditation, discussion, artistic exploration, and other activities are used to stimulate our imaginations in a prayerful atmosphere.

Currently we are not conducting an annual Men’s Retreat, but our new Rector is planning to lead the effort to establish one.

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