Current Season: Ordinary Time

We are in the Season that follows Easter and Pentecost: Ordinary Time, or as it is more informally called, the Mean Green Season. This is a time where we breathe a little slower, do a little less, and settle into the growing season that is summer and early fall. The rush from Advent to Pentecost is non-stop, and focuses on key aspects of Jesus’ life and ministry. The part of the story we’re in now could be described as Acts Chapter 29. Look it up in the Bible.


Didn’t find Acts 29? That’s because we’re it! We are the continuation of the work Jesus’ followers continued after his departure. That’s why Pentecost Sunday is important. It’s the moment when the Jesus movement is empowered by the Spirit of God to go out and continue Jesus’ mission to love and reconcile the world.

So as Summer hits and we maybe have some time to slow down (or the heat makes us slow down!), think about what has inspired you in the past year. What are you processing in your own spiritual growth that needs a little time to percolate? These are the questions we ask as we “till the soil” of our lives and our community, much like farmers in the growing season.