Current Season: Epiphany

The Season of Epiphany (technically the Ordinary Time after Epiphany if you use the somewhat obscure terminology) is a time to join the party, so to speak.

We begin with the story of the Magi’s visit and gifts to Jesus. Contrary to Pop Culture, these fellas didn’t come at Christmas. They were astrologers from the Persian world, who, in the fulfillment of Isaiah, followed the light (the star) of God to find God’s anointed, who would lead them (ie us Gentiles) into the kind of covenant relationship God already had with the people of Israel.

We also celebrate the key uniting moment we have with Jesus: baptism. Jesus gave us the covenant of the Eucharist, but he shared with us in the ritual of Baptism. This ritual bath is the moment where God’s saying: “Alright, everyone, the time for liberation has come. The one I’ve sent is here. Get your acts together and let’s get this kingdom rebuilt! Also, don’t just think this is about your friends group, or your political party; this is about everyone. Go invite everybody to the party!”

I hope this time is one where we can celebrate the beginnings of Jesus’ life and ministry together. There’s a lot to explore in just the two meanings in Epiphany mentioned above. I hope you have a blessed Epiphany and season leading up to Lent.

Rev. Jeff