History of St. Anne’s

The Clergy of St. Anne’s

  • The Reverend John Larson, Vicar 1962-1968
  • The Reverend John Luther, Vicar 1968-1978
  • The Reverend John Coats, Vicar 1978-1982
  • The Reverend Gary Collins, Vicar 1982-1988
  • The Reverend Cliff Blinman, Vicar 1988-1990, Rector 1990-1994
  • The Reverend Carol Cleland, Rector, 1994-2006
  • The Reverend Lauran Pifke, Rector, 2007-2015
  • The Reverend Stephen Trever, Rector, 2017 to present

Brief History of St. Anne’s

The first service at St. Anne’s was celebrated on Easter Sunday, April 16, 1962. At first, the congregation met for worship in a public school auditorium. Four acres of farmland were purchased in 1965, and the present church was built in 1967. Over the years, St. Anne’s grew into a thriving inter-generational community with many ministries and activities. St. Anne’s officially became a parish in 1990.

During The Rev. Carol Cleland’s tenure in the late 1990’s through 2006, many important faith formation programs were begun, such as EFM, Godly Play, and Cursillo, all of which nurtured a deep spirituality and love of learning at St. Anne’s. In 2000, St. Anne’s sold a parcel of land to a developer, who built a senior residence for the deaf.  The proceeds from the sale allowed St. Anne’s to remodel the church into a more flexible worship space, and begin turning the garden into a sacred space.  In 2005, the full-sized outdoor Labyrinth was constructed and continues to be a focal point for the parish.

In 2007, The Rev. Lauran Pifke was called as St. Anne’s third Rector. Her love for The Book of Common Prayer, Interfaith dialogue, and her talent for weaving Stewardship and Christian Formation programs together throughout the year served St. Anne’s well. In 2015, the Columbarium and Memorial Fountain were completed, and blessed by our Bishop, The Rt. Rev. Marc Andrus. The Rev. Lauran Pifke retired in July, 2015.

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Under the last two Rectors, St. Anne’s has matured into an intimate community of faith that is small, warm, and deep. People know each other well and are faithful, active members, sharing leadership and participation in the liturgy. St. Anne’s is a diverse and inclusive community that lives, worships, and serves in the ever-changing environment of Fremont, now in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The good ministry of St. Anne’s continues and grows with our new Rector, The Reverend Stephen Trever, who arrives in late January!

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