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St. Anne’s Parish Profile

New Rector Search:  A Time of Discernment

After an extensive search in 2016 leading to the call of the Rev. Stephen Trever in early 2017, St. Anne’s is conducting a new search to replace Stephen.  We are sad to see Rev. Stephen and his family leave so soon and they are equally sad to be leaving.  Unfortunately for St. Anne’s the Trever’s will be moving to New York where Dr. Lisa Trever, Rev. Stephen’s wife, has accepted an exciting and challenging position at Columbia University.  Rev. Stephen served as our Rector from January 2017 through July 2018.  We are once again very fortunate to have the Rev. Beth Lind Foote as our Interim Rector as she was our interim during the search of 2016.

This time we are conducting an accelerated search.  We have drawn upon the Parish Profile and other documents we prepared for the 2016 search.  Candidates who apply for this position will initially be reviewed by Ms. Denise Obando, Transition Minister for the Diocese of California who will screen the candidates against the requirements of this search, narrow the field to a smaller subset of candidates, and will provide the Vestry at St. Anne’s the candidates she feels are most viable to become our new Rector.  The Vestry will review the applications and candidate documents and determine who will go through the interview phase of the search.  The selected candidates will be interviewed one or more times and we may ask to see one or more of those candidates celebrate a Eucharist and preach a sermon.  From there we will hopefully find the perfect person to Call as the new Rector of St. Anne’s.  We hope this process will be completed in January 2019 and our new Rector will be in place starting in February 2019.

St. Anne’s Mission Statement

St. Anne’s Episcopal Church is an inclusive, diverse community following Jesus Christ. Together, in Christ, we are engaged in healing and wholeness, dedicated to community outreach, and committed to shared leadership and growth.

Who We Are

St. Anne’s is a diverse and inclusive community that lives, worships, and serves Christ in the ever‐changing environment of Fremont. We are excited about finding a new spiritual leader. We feel that we have an excellent foundation on which to build our future while being receptive to engaging the community in new ways.

Over the last several years, St. Anne’s has matured into an intimate community of faith that is small, warm, and deep. People know each other well and are faithful, active members, sharing leadership of the parish, and participation in the liturgy. Our St Anne’s village!

We gathered this information through several town meetings with the entire congregation. We invite you to learn more about us and, if God is calling you to apply for the new Rector’s position at St. Anne’s, please click here to contact Ms. Denise Obando, Transition Minister for the Diocese of California. All applicants must first be cleared through her office.

If you are interested in learning more about St. Anne’s, you will find links to the elements of our Parish Profile here on our website.

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