Hopes and Challenges

Our Hopes and Challenges

How do we share the the Good News of the Gospel in our current context with its new realities?

Our Hopes for the Future:

  • We hope to build a refreshed, energetic congregation on the existing foundation of our parish community while keeping the warm, intimate quality of our congregation.
  • We hope to be more visible, engage the community in new ways, and become more of a community resource.
  • We hope to invest in Christian formation ministries, music, and programs for all ages (children through adults).
  • We hope to present the Gospel faithfully and in ways that relate to life in our corner of Fremont, which has become more multi-cultural in recent years.

Our Current Challenges:

  • We need to build a more secure financial future. We are taking steps in that direction by sharing our space with another Christian congregation that worships in the Indian language of Telegu on Sunday evenings, and exploring other income streams beyond pledges.
  • Like many Episcopal churches, our membership has declined in recent years due to natural attrition.
  • Fremont is now part of Silicon Valley, one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The high cost of housing and long commutes are a reality for our parishioners and our community.
  • Fremont is a multi-cultural city where many people are members of other major world religions.

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