Hopes and Challenges

Our Hopes and Challenges

How do we share the Good News of the Gospel in our current context with its new realities?

Our Hopes for the Future:

  • To build a refreshed, energetic congregation on the existing foundation of our parish community while keeping the warm, intimate quality of our congregation.
  • To be more visible, engage the community in new ways, and become more of a community resource.
  • To invest in Christian formation ministries, music, and programs for all ages (children through adults) which addresses the cultural uniqueness of our community.
  • To present the Gospel faithfully and in ways that relate to life in our corner of Fremont, which has become more multi-cultural in recent years.

Our Current Challenges:

  • We need to build a more secure financial future. We are taking steps in that direction by finding ways to share our space as a means for other income streams beyond pledges. Currently, another Christian congregation worships at St. Anne’s on Sundays and uses our facilities on other days of the week.
  • Like many Episcopal churches, our membership has declined in recent years due to natural attrition. We still have a good balance between younger and older families though.
  • Fremont is now part of Silicon Valley, one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. The high cost of housing and long commutes are a reality for our parishioners and our community. This is particularly a concern in calling a new rector who will need nearby housing or may face a long commute.
  • Fremont is a multi-cultural city where many people are members of other major world religions.

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